Our coaching sessions ensure results because we do not take on clients who are not coachable. We want everyone to be successful so our clients MUST-HAVE the Attitude: You must take ownership of your learning, you need to want to improve, believe that you will improve and importantly will take action to improve.
Aptitude: You must be realistically capable of doing what’s expected of you. This is what management expects of you, not what you expect of yourself.


This is tailored to meet the organisation and the individual’s needs. We meet with both the organisation and the individual to discuss outcomes and timeframes and we work with you to achieve success. We target

  • Leadership effectiveness
  • Enhanced performance
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Work and whole of life balance
  • Creating a High Performing Team
  • Building confidence and resilience
  • Preparing for the next role / promotion
  • Taking up a new role / challenge and achieving success quickly
  • Change Management

What makes KPI’s Coaching Program different from the rest of the field?

  • We use a world class Psychometric Assessment tool to help our client understand themselves and others better
  • We build trust and rapport quickly and our conversations are confidential
  • Our delivery style is flexible (one on one, Skype, Phone) in or out of the office at a time which suits our client
  • We don’t beat around the bush. Our approach is honest and caring but like you, we want to see action.
  • You have unlimited support whilst you are on a coaching program
  • Our client is responsible for their Action Commitments and each session begins with an accountability check
  • We take a strategic approach with our clients, it is not just about today’s business but what they can do to drive business into the future
  • Our passion is to see people succeed and be highly effective in life. We want you to recognise your maximum potential and be the high performer you have always wanted to be.


Feel free to reach out – I would love to have a chat about your business.

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