The KPI Lionheart approach to leadership, transforms a manager into a leader, one who truly understands what is required to be a great leader. We focus on behavioural changes, action commitments and accountability.


KPI will custom design an individually focussed program to suit your needs, targeting specific identified areas for improvement and at the level which is required for your team. We ensure the outcomes are aligned to organisational goals and targets. We deliver it in a way which ensures you gain exceptional outcomes. We will suggest a development program that fits your individual needs but may include:

  • Personal Leadership Behavioural Reports
  • Team Behavioural Analysis
  • Leadership Coaching (one on one)
  • Leadership Development (small teams)
  • Leadership Mentoring (Executive Coaching)

The KPI Lionheart Leadership Development programs are designed to produce courageous and committed leaders who:

  • Understand Personal Leadership and the crucial role it plays
  • Are able to coach their team in accountability and responsibility
  • Are focused on Strengths and manage Challenges
  • Understand the importance of goal setting and ensuring their whole team are goal focused
  • Are bold enough to be realistic when issues arise and brave enough to deal with them swiftly and professionally
  • Can build high performing teams and motivate the team to achieve outcomes.


Feel free to reach out – I would love to have a chat about your business.

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